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Tortured daring motorbike thief jailed two years

A daring motorbike thief who was arrested and  tortured by residents for stealing a motorbike as reported by TheNewsGh.com earlier this week has been  jailed 2 years.

John Ada, popularly known as Iwan, in Navrongo of the Upper East Region who has gained notoriety in stealing motorbikes was arrested and tortured by Burkinabé bush guards,  was sentenced to a prison term of 24 months by Navrongo District Magistrate Court.

The daredevil thief was found guilty of unlawful entry, stealing and damage to property after he had pleaded guilty with much confession on how he went about the crime. The evidence against him was so overwhelming that his case lasted for about an hour only.

Iwan engaged in his criminal activities not only in the Navrongo and Paga areas of the Upper East Region but also the border towns of Burkina Faso. And it was during one of his operations in Burkina Faso that he was nabbed by the bush guards and heartlessly tortured before his handover to Ghanaian authorities.

It would be recalled that TheNewsGh.com reported on how some Burkinabé “Bush guards” had arrested and subjected Iwan to severe torture using an innovative local torture apparatus.

After the heartrending torture, he was handed over to the Ghana Police Service which processed him for court resulting in his sentencing today.

The stealing of motorbikes, especially the Honda brand as reported earlier, continues to be a major crime in the Upper East Region