VIDEO: Musician gets stuck Inside Married Woman after their ‘Atopa’ Session

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    Somewhere in December 2018, an up and coming musician received the embarrassment of his life after he got stuck while chopping down a married woman in Uganda.

    The musician who was identified as San Yo was genging and banging the married woman at a local lodge and after he was done and wanted to take his Langa Langa out, it refused.

    According to Ugandan blogs, after several attempts to separate failed, they started screaming for help, and they were carried out of the room in a sheet, loaded on a truck and taken to find help from local witch doctors.

    The woman turned out to be a wife to faded musician Abdu Mulaasi who appeared at the scene immediately but didn’t look surprised at the occurrence.

    The two were then separated much to their embarrassment. The technique of causing a penis to get stuck inside a woman is said to be witchcraft for catching cheating spouses.

    Watch the video below:


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