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I cannot count the number of men I have slept with so far – 24-year-old Queen Farcadi

queen farcadi
queen farcadi

Proud Ghanaian prostitute, Queen Farcadi in a new viral video was seen saying that she has lost count of the number of men who have slept with her.

According to her, she has slept with men internationally. From Abuja, Lagos, Delta State and other places so she has lost count.

She’s only 24 years with a child.

Watch video below:

Queen Farcadi became popular for running a Snapchat Premium Pono account where people pay to watch her nakedness.

She even offer services where people can see her having live s*x.

Queen Farcadi once said that she also runs hotel services where she’s contacted by big men. She’ll chose the hotel she’ll want to be slept with in and the person will satisfy himself.

This comes at a very high cost.

Queen Farcadi’s market declined after she got pregnant. Making other small girls to ran her business model.

After giving birth to her child, she came out to reveal that she was now selling a local bleaching soap.


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