Couple Caught Doing It In Broad Daylight Inside a City Centre

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    Two adults have been caught having s*x ‘absolutely n*ked’ on Sunday afternoon in a popular city center children’s play park in Devon.

    According to Devon Live, the police were called after the clothes-free pair were spotted getting frisky in a fenced-off area known as the Secret Garden at West Hoe Park in Plymouth.

    It is unclear whether the couple has been arrested, but police were seen driving away from the scene in a van on Sunday afternoon.

    A shocked onlooker, who wanted to remain anonymous, said the spot is notorious for people having alfresco frolics and taking illegal drugs.

    He said: “The two adults were in the park absolutely naked having sex, and the police were called.

    “It was in-between the park and the field, in the bit locals, call the ‘secret garden’, which is currently fenced off.

    “There’s always people doing drugs and other things in there and it needs to be sorted out.”

    The park was full of young children and the parents when the couple was spotted having s*x.