Ghanaian Man set to marry 3 women on the same day

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    3 wives on the same day

    A local man identified as Hafiz Osman has decided to set records straight with his decision to marry three women on the same day.

    The wedding ceremony is expected to come off on 23rd November 2019 right here in Ghana.

    The venue would be specifically in Barzini’s House Fongni in Walewale, a town in the Northern Region.

    The three brides whose names are Yidana Sikena, Ali Karima, and Yakubu Huzaima all have their faces printed beside their husband-to-be on the wedding invitation card.

    Social media users are in shock as in how possible it could be for a single man to marry 3 women at a go?

    Well, Polygamy is allowed in Islam. So if you have the money and capacity, why not?

    We wish our people a successful marriage ceremony!!!