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HOT VIDEO: Angry woman storms the house of Nayas’ German husband, pours hot soup on him for using, misusing and dumping her for Nayas

Karma they say is the best judge in reference to humans’ earthly affairs and interactions as far as believers continue to wait on God’s Judgement Day for fair trial taking into consideration the content of this post.

Remember Nayas stormed the studios of Adom FM and lashed out the hell of gospel musician Ernest Opoku Junior for playing dice with her fragile heart. Simply put, Nayas couldn’t understand why Ernest Opoku should promise her marriage and fail to do the needful in the long run.

After several months, the grace of God located Nayas as one Germany-based Ghanaian called Nana Kofi Sarfo came down to Ghana and got marriage to “prodigal” Nayas in a beautiful traditional marriage ceremony. However, it looks like history is about to repeat itself with regard to what Nayas did to Ernest Opoku Junior in the studios of FM.

This is because one angry Ghanaian woman based in Germany who was betrothed to Nana Kofi Sarfo stormed his house over the weekend and poured some hot light soup on him for using, abusing, misusing, duping and finally dumping her for Nayas born Gladys Mensah Boaku.

In a video available to gbase.com, the estranged woman of Nayas’ husband was heard in the footage ranting and calling him by all sort of derogatory names. She was heard saying Nayas’ husband is a pickpocket and a lot more in the viral video.


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