Home Video Young man enjoys his Gari Soakings with ‘sliced tomatoes’

Young man enjoys his Gari Soakings with ‘sliced tomatoes’

gari soakings
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Gari Soakings is one of the easiest meals that even the laziest person on earth can prepare.

Normally, average people just mix gari, sugar, groundnut and add water to it to prepare their Gari soakings.

However, those who have heavy pockets add either powdered milk or tin milk to make it more sumptuous.

Well, a guy on Twitter with username @lemerstachu has decided to add sliced tomatoes to his gari soakings and other tweeps can’t think far.

He says the experience of adding sliced tomatoes to gari soakings is ‘heaven’.

See photo below:

Well, below is how we prepare Gari soakings:

1. Pour the amount of gari needed into cup or bowl
2. Pour water onto the gari and pour out the water with the roots or chaf leaving the gari behind.
3. Add sugar to taste
4. Add milk or water to make it light
5. Add peanut as required

Watch the video below: