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Kasoa ‘Police beaters’ to pay GHS1,800 as fine

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The commercial bus driver and his conductor who assaulted a police officer on the Weija road have been slapped with a GHS1,800 fine each by the Weija High Court.

The two – Francis Buabeng, 26 and Albert Ansah, 33 – attacked Constable Julius Mawule Ekpe in the line of duty at the Mallam Junction earlier this year.

The court presided by Justice Benard Bentsil fined the two 150 penalty units each (GHS1,800) or face one year in jail.

In an interview with Joy News’ Piesie Nana Yaw Safo, lead counsel for the defendants, Cynthia Nimo Ampadu voiced her dissatisfaction at the verdict.

“We are not satisfied with the outcome of the ruling and so we will apply a copy of the judgment, study it and advise ourselves on the way forward,” she said.


Francis and Albert while driving their bus and looking for passengers at the Weija junction, reportedly stopped in the middle of the road to wait for some commuters.

The driver’s action was said to have caused heavy traffic on the road, causing a motorbike to run into the rear of a private vehicle.

Constable Ekpe, who was around the area, upon noticing the development, went there to help.

But the driver was said to have almost knocked the officer with his vehicle when he ignored the officer’s command to stop and sped off.

The police officer then hopped unto a motorbike, chased and crossed the driver causing him to stop. He then requested that the driver and his mate accompany him to the station.

But the driver and his mate will have none of that. Together, they launched an attack, beating the officer to the surprise of other motorists and passengers.

After the confrontation, the police officer sat in the vehicle and radioed control for assistance.

The driver and his mate abandoned the vehicle and left. The police managed to tow the vehicle to the Odorkor police station.

Other reports from witnesses also suggested that the officer was the first to attack the driver and his mate and that they only retaliated.