Man saves part of his monthly salary to renovate his mother’s old house

    south african man

    A South African Twitter user @mabailantakadz1 has become the talk of the town with his act of thoughtfulness.

    Taking to Twitter, @mabailantakadz1 shared photos of an old house which he renovated for his mother in a matter of 1 year and 11 months.

    According to him, he saved part of his salary 3,000 Rands (which is about GHS1127) while doing his internship to renovate the house for his mother.

    He tweeted:

    “I get paid like R3000 a month I cant complain I did this for my mom ,it was a very hard long journey,started last year January doing internship,,ther day that I finish I will be happy,,,,,ITS NOT BIG BUT ITS ENOUGH ,,”