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    Shocking: Lady Recounts How Her Father Made Her Break Her Virginity

    Premarital s–x has become rampant and it has been encouraged by the frequent distribution of condoms in learning institutions.

    Being a virgin showed respect and dignity years ago, but in today’s generation, virginity has been frowned upon.

    In fact a lady’s virginity is the most precious gift she can give to her husband after marriage —- unfortunately, women are giving it out cheaply.

    An apprentice has given a chilling account of how her father made her lost her virginity when she was just 19 years old.

    The lady who shared her story on Browngh TV’s Adwuma Adwuma said she could not complete junior high school and she was helping her grandmother sell in the market.

    She later decided to learn to become a hairdresser but her father opposed it because he wanted her to be a seamstress.

    However, a few months into the seamstress work she called it a quit since she had no passion for the work. She again joined her grandmother in the market.

    This infuriated the anger of her father who stopped talking to her for a while — as a form of punishment.

    After some time, she went to plead with her father to enroll her in her preferred career thus hairdressing.

    As a loving father, he forgave her and did as she wished for. She started her dream work and each day when she’s going to work her father would give her Ghc2 as upkeep money.

    An amount she told First Lady, the host of the show that it was too small for her arguing that her transportation to her workplace was exactly Ghc2 and she did not know how her father wanted her to survive on that amount.

    Barely two years and some months into learning to become a hairdresser, she met a young man who professed his love for her.

    According to her, she accepted the lad’s proposal because he wanted him to support her financially since life was unbearable for her.

    “…he impregnated me…I couldn’t continue working. My son is seven years old now,” she added.

    The lady, who is currently learning to become a manicure and pedicure technician, stated that she regrets selling her virginity so cheap and if she could turn things around she would flee from s–x.

    Although she partly blames her father for being the cause of her woes if he had given her enough money that could have prevented her from going in for a boyfriend.

    She, however, advised the youth especially the females to focus on their work and not to depend on men for survival because that won’t help them.



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