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Man Cheats on his Wife with Mother In-Law

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In a dramatic event, a marriage of 30 years is at the verge of collapse as it turns out that the husband has been cheating on his wife with his mother-in-law.

The couple comprises of Ellen and Washington Maziwisa, both are 53 years old.

According to the wife,  it all started when she went to Botswana for work under the consent of the husband who was also visiting her from time to time

“When I went to work in Botswana with his consent, he started dating MY MOTHER and I did not suspect it. Neighbours told me about the relationship but I did not suspect him since I trusted him because he would visit me in Botswana as lovers do,” said Ellen.

She added that she noticed a behavioural change in her husband and started monitoring his moves but could not prove that he was cheating.

“He started acting funny, coming home after midnight an in a sober state and lying that he was at the bar,” she added.

Ellen continued that on one day her husband came home without wearing his underwear and when asked he confidently said he forgot to put them on when he was leaving the house, the response raised eyebrows of the wife, how can a grown-up walk the whole day without underwear?

When asked for his side, Washington denied of seeing his mother-in-law but admits to be very close with her than any other relative.