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Popular Married Female MP’s S£x tape leaks / WATCH VIDEO

An embarrassing video of Kenya’s Wajir County outspoken female Member of Parliament, Fatuma Gedi in bed with an unidentified man believed to be one of her fellow politicians has been circulating online and Kenyans have been reacting to the incident.

The video which hit the internet and got shared on several social media platforms on Wednesday, December 19, shows the married lawmaker having heated s£xual intercourse with a man suspected to be the youthful and equally vocal male MP from Rift valley.

He is known for his tough stand against poor maize prices suggested by the government, Tuko.co.ke reports.

Although it is yet to be confirmed whether the man seen in the video having sex with Fatuma Gedi was indeed her colleague MP from, Rift valley, the suspicion is rife to that effect because the two are regularly seen together in Nairobi and Wajir.

The said sex tape was filmed in a hotel where the two illicit lovers quenched their sexual thirst, thinking they were fortified against being exposed. It is unclear how the video found itself in the public domain.

As the incident has become the talk of town, with social media being the leading platform for its discussion, some supporters of Fatuma Gedi have alleged that the sex tape must have been leaked by her opponents to tarnish her image.

Watch the video below…


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