Home Video Wow! Woman Buried Inside An Aeroplane-shaped Coffin (Video)

Wow! Woman Buried Inside An Aeroplane-shaped Coffin (Video)

A woman has been buried inside a coffin which was shaped like an aeroplane in a community in Edo state.
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 A video has emerged on social media showing the strange funeral ceremony of a woman in Edo state, stunning many residents.

The funeral stunned people because the woman was actually laid to rest inside a coffin shaped like an aeroplane.

According to reports, the incident happened in Benin, the capital city of Edo state and has since gotten tongues wagging in the area.

woman buried in aeroplane coffin

In the video, pall bearers are seen carrying the aeroplane-shaped coffin and dancing to music in the process as observers watch in awe.

The exact reason why the woman was buried in such a unique way has not been confirmed at the time of this report.

Watch the video below: