My size not only reason I missed Dubai trip – Di Asa winner

    Although she would not say exactly what happened, Precious Mensah aka PM, winner of this year’s Di Asa dance competition says it is not entirely true that her size was the only reason why she missed out on a trip to Dubai.

    The news making the rounds is that because of her size, PM was unable to join her first and second runners up—Gaza and Maafia on the trip which forms part of their prize package because she could not get a seat on Emirates, the airline transporting them.

    When PM emerged winner of this year’s edition of Di Asa, the dance competition for plus-sized women organized by Atinka TV, part of her prize package was a sponsored trip to Dubai.

    However, that was not to be the case as PM has missed out on the trip while her runners-up are having an amazing time in Dubai, a situation that the co-host of Di Asa, Ama Gyenfa Ofosu Darkwa, popularly known as Embosuohemaa, explained on the station on Sunday, November 17 was due to her size.

    According to her, PM was unable to join them on the trip because she could not get a seat on the airline due to her size.

    “To the people who are saying Atinka Media Village denied PM a trip to Dubai, please it is not true. The reason PM, winner of Di Asa did not make it was her size.

    “She had her visa, ticket, pocket money, everything; we went through the process only to be told that she could not fit into the seat.

    “We offered to buy an extra seat for her and still she could not fit. Then we asked to buy three and we were told it was not possible. Why would we bring the runners-up here and leave the winner of Di Asa herself out?

    “However, we are not leaving PM out of this whole fun. We plan on giving her a version in any way we can,” she said.

    Embosuohemaa also used the opportunity to urge transport services to start making arrangements for people of all sizes.

    “I want to use this chance to urge transport services to start considering these things. There are different people with different shapes and sizes and their freedom of movement should not be restricted,” she stated.

    When Graphic Showbiz got in touch with PM, winner of Di Asa 2019, she stated that what Embosuohemaa said was not entirely the case.

    “That is not what really happened. I am aware of what she said but I feel she said what she said out of a good heart, trying to put herself in my shoes, etc. But that is not entirely true,” she said.

    When asked to give details of what really transpired, she answered, “I really do not want to talk about it or go into details but in due time, everything will come out.

    “But what happened is part of the reasons I will be embarking on a campaign which will focus on the stigmatisation of plus-sized women, and it will kick off very soon.”

    PM, who is 25 years, added that it was time plus-sized women were given attention.

    “I want to use my campaign to let the world know that there are different people with different body types and everyone should be given equal access to certain things.

    “I would want to use my platform to tell women who are like me to learn to love themselves and believe in whatever they do,” she stated.

    She also noted that she had been given all that the organizers of Di Asa promised her, saying: “I was given everything as promised, and the organizers do not owe me anything.”

    Officials of Atinka Media Village organizers of Di Asa told Graphic Showbiz when contacted that in the coming days, an official statement about the issue would be released.

    When Emirates was contacted on the issue, a spokesperson for the airline told Graphic Showbiz, “we respect our customers’ privacy and cannot discuss specific customer details or cases.

    “Emirates places the highest standards on in-flight safety and as part of this, it is a requirement that all passengers are safely and comfortably seated with their seatbelt fastened.

    “An industry practice for passengers who cannot be accommodated in a single seat due to their size, is for them to purchase an extra seat for their own safety and comfort, should a seat be available.”