Home Crime Drunkards assault security guard for closing bar

Drunkards assault security guard for closing bar

ZIMBABWE – The love for beer has landed two Victoria Falls men in jail after they teamed up to assault a security guard for closing a bar while they were still drinking.

Kasanga Ndlovu (32) and Clive Ndlovu (22) both residing in Chinotimba suburb beat up Mr Daniso Ncube (32) at Chinotimba bar.

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This was after Mr Ncube ordered them out as it was time to close the bar but the duo reacted by beating him up with fists and broken empty beer bottles. Kasanga and Clive who are not related both pleaded guilty to assault when they appeared before the Victoria Falls magistrate Ms Rangarirai Gakanje.

Kasanga was sentenced to six months in prison and the magistrate invoked one month that had been suspended on condition of good behaviour in a physical abuse case he was convicted of last year when he beat up his wife.

He will, therefore, serve an effective seven months in jail.

The magistrate sentenced Clive to six months in prison before suspending two months on condition of good behaviour.

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 For the state, Mrs Sithabile Daka-Mungombe said Kasanga and Clive beat up Mr Ncube following a bar misunderstanding two weeks ago.