Lady gets married to another man 4 months after her boyfriend got jailed for killing her married lover

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    This story is such a confusing one but we’ll do our best to explain to your understanding.

    The story is revolving around one Akosua Keshia.

    It was all about a romantic triangle involving a 30-year-old woman supposedly dating two men who ended bitterly when one of the men shot the other in cold blood at Alhaji, near Achimota, in Accra. This happened in July 2019 according to a report by citinewsroom.

    The deceased, 35-year-old car dealer Kwame Agyapong, had confronted his rival, Derrick Nana Donkor (aka Young Money), 28, when he bumped into the love birds in the house of the lady, Keshia Akosua Osei, 30.

    The ensuing confusion turned bloody as Nana Donkor pulled a gun and fired at Agyapong, killing him instantly.

    It turned out that Akosua Osei was the girlfriend of the two men at the same time, but while the deceased was married, the other was single.

    Agyapong was said to have spotted his girlfriend in the company of the suspect, Nana Donkor, and a misunderstanding ensued between them. Which led to the latter shooting the former dead.

    Young money was arrested and sent to Nsawam Prison, where he is still awaiting his sentence and Kwame has been buried.

    Information reaching us now is that Akosua Keshia (the woman who caused all these) has gotten married to her long-time Lawyer boyfriend, Mr. Darlington yesterday, 23rd November 2019 while Young Money is having a hard time in prison.

    Social media has been flooded with several pictures and videos of the newlyweds, four months after the sad incident happened.

    A close source also told us that, Young Money has been weeping uncontrollably in jail since he heard the news.

    Some girls are really DANGEROUS!!!

    akosua keisha
    Kwame Agyapong (far RIGHT), Akosua Keisha (Middle) and Young Money (far LEFT)

    akosua keisha


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