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Watch Video:: A True Police Officer Is Called To Protect Lives – Lance Corporal Agbeko Reveals Reason Behind His Benevolence Acts


Lance Corporal Simon Agbeko Ekpeagba, a kind police officer, who has won admiration after using his resources to repair a damaged traffic light and also donate wheelchairs to random physically-challenged persons on the streets has reveal the rationale behind his charity works to mother Ghana.

Speaking in an interview with SVTV Africa, the benevolent police officer told host DJ Nyaami that, the first duty of a true police officer is to protect lives and property.
“The job of the police is not only to arrest and prosecute lawbreakers. We render services, and we also have other means of protecting lives and properties. The duty of every true police officer is protect lives and properties. So what I’m doing is a true work of a police officer.” he added.

Lance Corporal Simon Agbeko Ekpeagba also described these charitable acts as a manifestation of divine directions from God, which he receives in his dreams.

The junior police officer further pointed out that, it’s the duty of every citizen to do something for his or her country.

Lance Corporal Simon Agbeko of the Accra Regional Police Command has become quite popular for his benevolent gestures.

The fixing of the traffic light comes after he made generous donations a pair of crutches, blind walking stick and wheelchairs to some physically challenged persons on the street.

Simon Agbeko urged other kind-hearted persons to also donate to support the cause to help the less privilege and persons with disability.

For Agbeko, the dream was to create the enabling space where the less privileged and physically challenged persons would have easy care and education especially those who parade principal streets and major highways in Accra while begging because most of them have been neglected by their relatives.

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