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Watch Video:: Di Asa Contestant Disappointed In Prize Package

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Ghana’s number one plus size women reality show ‘Di Asa’ has lost its name and value over a period of time. Several queens and contestants have come out with complaints. The reality show potrays discipline, value and eloquence on the outside but nothing close to that on the inside.

A Contestant at this year’s edition of Di Asa, the dance competition for plus-sized women organised by Atinka TV, Mary Acquah aka Shoe has expressed disappointment in the prize package for this year’s reality show.

Shoe told host DJ Nyaami in interview on SVTV Africa that, Atinka TV did not live up their expectations.

Although she would not say exactly what happened, Mary Acquah Mensah is not entirely honest with the public.

“A lot of people of voted for me but I couldn’t win because of stealing and lack of transparency in the reality show. When the time was up to collate the votes, management had already picked their winner, so voting was closed. I even called the Managing Director of Atinka TV which he asked I send the money to him to vote for me but I rejected. There was a fight between families and Atinka management at the Trade Fair Center.

”Commenting on the news making the rounds that, this year’s Di ASA winner, PM was unable to join her first and second runners up—Gaza and Maafia on the trip which forms part of their prize package because she could not get a seat on Emirates, the airline transporting them, Shoe said, even though PM is not happy about what transpired at the airport, she is trusting the management of Atinka to work out things between them and the airline, so she can join the fun trip in Dubai.

Shoe furthered that, even though she is disappointed in the Management of Atinka TV, she is glad, she joined the dance competition for plus-sized women.

Pointing out on her upcoming project, Shoe said, she is coming up with a TV Series which is yet to be premiered on Atinka TV soon.

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