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Efia Odo goes completely n*ked in new photo

There’s a new photo of Efia Odo trending on social media.

She’s seen in the photo almost naked. Her full hips were exposed together with her waist beads.

Many have commented saying that she’s a beautiful lady but n*ked/semi-nude photos all in the name of being a model is appalling.

Photo below:

Efia Odo goes completely n*ked in new photo 2

Efia Odo has stated that she believes in God but she does not regard the Bible as any serious book worth attention. According to Efia Odo, the Bible is just a mere storybook.

Efia Odo yesterday went biblical on Twitter and sought to find out who Cain married after killing his brother Abel as stated by the bible.

In the course of the Twitter discussion, Efia Odo made it clear the bible is just storybook with “some faith building scriptures and relatable moments”

When pushed to reveal her position on God, Efia Odo said she believes in God alright but she does not believe in the bible.

Unlike some years ago when it was forbidden in Ghanaian society to question the bible and God, most Ghanaians are now boldly questioning some scriptures in the bible before wholly consuming them.