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University student sacked for impregnating sexy lecturer who allegedly seduced him

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Reports are rife that a bachelor of computer science student of the Federal University of Lafia (Fulafia) in Nigeria has been expelled from the school after sleeping with a female lecturer and getting her pregnant.

According to Campus Cam Ug, the student identified only as Kevin has pleaded for leniency, explaining that his lecturer seduced him irresistibly but Fulafia authorities would not rescind their decision.

The alleged sexual misconduct has brought the University’s name into disrepute with many questioning its etiquette on lecturer – student relationships.

Campus Cam Ug reported Kevin as clarifying that the initial advances into the love affair were initiated by the lecturer, who ended up desperately pleading with him to engage in a sexual affair with her and even possibly impregnating her.

He confessed that on times without numbers, the lecturer had convinced him to smash her cookie jar through her seductive moves and highly palatable figure. He said that he could not turn down the offer that came with harsh penalties from the lecturer and of course, his desire to swim in the attractive waters and get cool his appetite.

Kevin confessed that the lecturer had served him with ultimatums that would only be injurious to his stay in the university if he failed to drink from her river of life. Therefore, having no other choice, but to get down to business, confessed the lad, he jumped into the sweet business.

How the peculiar news went around the university and reached the board remains a mystery. What the student recalls was an urgent call he had received one fateful day morning, requiring him to appear before the board the very day not later than noon.

Overwhelmed with curiosity and panic, he had prepared himself, ready to find out what lay in store for him. That is when he sadly learned that this affair with the lecturer had not only resulted in him impregnating her, but also landed him into hot soup.

Kevin confessed that he had slept with the lecturer on so many occasions, including in her office set within the administration block.

Crying for clemency and seeking pardon, the student had broken down into uncontrollable tears, but the university Senate had made their decision. Kevin has since suffered the shock of his life and continues to ask for intervention from the university senior administrators, to lift the expulsion and mete a lesser punishment on him.

It is not clear yet what penalties if any at all the pregnant lecturer has also suffered or is likely to suffer as the sex that resulted in the pregnancy was consensual.