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Video: Robbery plan backfires for employee who attempted to rob employer in Accra

The decision by an employee who planned to recruit people he thought were into armed robbery to rob his employer in Accra, Ghana, has terribly backfired as he was at the receiving end of his plan.

In what is best known in Ghanaian parlance as ‘back to sender’, the robbery planner, whose name is not yet known to adomonline.com, approached men he believed could help him pay his employer back through robbery.

As faith will have it, the men he approached were incensed by the young man’s thought of them as armed robbers so they lured him for into a hideout for a showdown he may never forget in his life.

A video of the incidence which is fast circulating on the internet had the men accost the young employee for questioning as they insisted he confesses to his attempt to lure them into a crime as monumental as robbery.

The incidence was captured in an amateur video by one of the men as they interrogated the pensive-looking young man.

Sensing danger and and disquiet in the voices of the young men, the employee attempted to polish his story by saying he only wanted them to help him retrieve money from his employer who according to him, had done him in.

This attempt by him to change his story further angered the men who decided to teach him a lesson as they stretched him over a wooden bench and gave him the whipping of his life.

As the beatings intensified, the young man who could not take the beatings anymore, took to his heels but not with the motorbike he came with.

The young men then took custody of the motorbike, saying they believed he may have stolen it from somewhere, especially with the mentality he approached them with.

Even though adomonline.com could not independently verify the location of the action by the time of publication, some social media users who commented on the video said the incident happened in Sowutuom, a popular suburb of Accra.

Watch the featured video above.


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