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Watch: New way women clean their ‘Akosua Kuma’ causes a stir on the Internet | Video

Latest procedure of getting the ‘Akosua Kuma’ cleansed through cooking it causes a stir on the Internet

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Trending video of a woman allegedly boiling her ‘Akosua Kuma’ which was subsequently rubbed with an unknown susbtance, has sparked controversy on social media.

On Twitter a user by name @dwealthofficial shared the video, tweeted “Doctors, they’ve started doing facials for their ‘Akosua Kuma’ ooo”

Another Twitter user by name @spykierogue also alleged that it is a 50 minute treatment and a soothing procedure.

It’s called a Vajacial. Facials for the Pum Pum. It’s a 50 minute treatment, that includes a cleanse, mild exfoliant, extractions of ingrown hairs, a soothing mask, then with a brightening serum or spot treatment. It’s a simple yet soothing procedure.

However, a UK based Doctor @DrOlufunmilayo who reacted to the video, disclosed that new vajacial procedure can cause inflammation of the private part, irritation, skin infection, and if there is a ‘Akosua Kuma’ infections – may lead to pelvic infections and inability to have children.