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Ghanaian Workers Forced To Write Apology Letter To Chinese Manager’s Dog When The Dog Bite Them

Ghanaian workers of Ghana Household Utilities Manufacturing Company Limited (GHUMCO) located within Takoradi in the Western Region have accused Mr. Zhu, factory’s manager and other Chinese heads for letting them apologise to their chinese dog whenever they make a complain.

Statement from the workers on Empire News says,  the dog sometimes bite them and they don’t receive any treatment after the dog bite.

A worried staff member in an interview with Emmanuel Ohene Gyan on Empire News said, “If the Chinese managers open their dogs in the night and they bite the workers and you complain, the Chinese owners will ask you to write a letter and apologise to the dog.”

Elizabeth Acquah of the Western Regional  Labour Office has said they were aware of the incidence since similar incidence got to them around 2016 and they told them to remove the dogs from the work premises but they paid no heed so they are preparing to forward the issue to the Regional Security Council for needed actions to be taken.

She said, “I will ensure that this thing stops immediately, because dogs cannot be biting human beings and then human beings will then be asked to write apology letters to the dogs. They were under instruction to remove the dogs. If they don’t we will report to the Regional Security Council. It is not allowed, it is an infringement of their work rights and dehumanisation of the workforce, it is not allowed. I will report to the ICU so we take action on this issue”.