Ghanaians Insult Moesha On Social Media For Saying Nigerians Do Good Music Than Ghanaians

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    Some Ghanaians seems to have not bought what Moesha said some days ago on social media that Nigrerians  do good music than Ghanaians.

    Moesha made this statement after Nigerian singer Dammy Krane urges Ghanaian DJ’s to focus on playing more Ghanaian songs than that of Nigerian.

    And it seems most Ghanaians didn’t buy that idea and decided to lecture her more on what good music is

    See some of the comments below

    finamusic_Ghanaians have better songs but still our pipo don’t pay attention to us They purchase foreign artist more than they purchase Ghanaian artist

    nana_achiaa22 Anyone who will say Ghanaians don’t make Good Music doesn’t understand Music, the thing is we like foreign things more than our own. We shld stop the comparison Nd support our own, we shld know that Nigeria is way bigger than our Country Nd so they will always lead but we hv to know wat to do to lead too. 😂

    phaty_tee @moeshaboduong see her too wat dey do good music say samtin better say good music na wat ghanaians make b ludo eerr

    nannyabynaafrakomah @moeshaboduong you no get sense

    shingilinealvin @moeshaboduong )no no hw3 need gyimii. If they don’t do good music then go do the good music and stop following people husband. Kwasia kwa

    iammzgloryglow Really n who says Ghanaian musicians don’t do good music n how many of these Ghanaian musics have you listened to

    bigquammy @moeshaboduong thanks for letting us know. But the question is when was the last time you spent time listening to a quality GHANA music. Tell us who you listen to and we will tell you their equivalent in Ghana. We are waiting. Yes they do but a Nigerian is here fighting against the low patronage of our music and look at how you respond. Really? Miss Boduong you are a brand so please comments like these are very rare one like you. Support your brothers and sisters in the industry. But remember that a Ghanaian got top 100 Billboard chart. A GHANAIAN got Best Reggae Album of the year. AFRIMMA alone should tell you the progress of Ghana music. 2020 no need for these pessimism and facts. We move forward. Thanks

    francis_gh_iii @moeshaboduong so Ghanaians don’t do good music right?


    @moeshaboduong someone who can’t write common English to express herself properly is talking about good music 🤦🏻‍♀️

    mellyklick @moeshaboduong and they’re female celebrities know how to welcome cardi-B better than Ghanaians too nkwasiansem says they do better music what do u knows about music?

    dostykay @moeshaboduong always making dump comments 🤦‍♂️

    _nazir1 @moeshaboduong and Ghanaians don’t err??🌝🌝‼️💔

    abyna_owusuwaa @moeshaboduong Ghanaians make better music… they just need the correct hype

    aliceprimegh @moeshaboduong Auntie,to make this comment de3 u should have watched and passed👌… Social media never forgets oo😂😂 These words will be used against u p3333

    exclusive_tunechibaby @moeshaboduong I just feel like it was a mistake that came by cox you don’t even deserve to be a celebrity. Look at what you just said. Now ask yourself do you have sense at all? Smh s3 Nigerians make good music.

    maryamnyaa @moeshaboduong so are u a nigerian or a ghanain pls support ur own