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How popular Facebook Mallam and Fraudster Naa Tia was scammed by his own victim

Popular Facebook scammer, Naa Tia who was convinced that that he had had a victim to defraud ended up being scammed by the supposed victim in a dramatic twist of fate.

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The fraudster had introduced himself to his victim as Naa Tia, a juju man, from Tamale in the Northern Region with the power and aim to help people succeed financially.

The supposed victim feigned interest and assured Naa Tia that she was very much interested in succeeding financially.

Naa Tia told her he could turn $1000 to $10,000 for her.  She would have to send him just $1000 and he would transform it into $10,000 within 24 hours.

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The victim then assured Naa Tia that she could easily send him $100,000 for a $1 million but she would start by send him $100 for $1000 in return so that she could be sure that he was truly an honest spiritualist helping people succeed financially.

A mercenary Naa Tia agreed eagerly and $100 was sent to him. Within 48 hours, he sent back $1000 back to her.

His plan was to receive the 100, 000 and go into hiding.

But upon receipt of the $1000, the victim refused to send the $100,000 she had promised to send in return for one million dollars.

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Naa Tia having realised that he has been scammed by someone he had planned to scam has since been begging the lady,   Esi Akyen Ntiamoah, to send him his $900 explaining that the amount  is a loan.

But Esi has refused.

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