Meet Prince Osei, The Alleged Man Who Uses Madmen For Money Rituals As He Tells His Story

    Prince Osei, from Ejisu whom many claimed he is a sakawa boy has finally apoiem.

    According to him, he has not been in contact with any juju man in his life before and has never dreamt of doing so.

    When asked how he got his money, he stated that, he got it from a mad man he once fed and clothe when he was a health worker and as a sign of appreciation, the madman gave him 3 lotto numbers to stake which he readily did and won big.

    Since then, he has never forgotten the madman and has been feeding and clothing him always.

    So when he later moved to his new house, he brought the mad man with him and has been clothing and feeding him and the mad man has been consistently giving him lotto numbers which never fail him.

    He stated that, because of this gesture, he hás been going out to feed and clothe other mad men which people misunderstood his kinda and tend to say he is using them for rituals.

    And due to this, anytime he tries to give something out, people tend to reject saying they are from rituals.