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Man Whose House Was On Fire Had To Buy Petrol For Ghana Fire Service Before They Were Able To Quench His Fire (Video)

A good Samaritan who had to personally fuel Ghana Fire Service big Van before they were able to set off to quench his burning 5bedroom apartment at Kwahu in the Eastern Region narrates his story.

According to Eric Kwamina Asare Royce, there was a fire outbreak in a 5-bed room house near him. They called the GNFS personnel to come to help put the fire out but there was a delay.

Mr Kwamina narrated that he took a car to the GNFS station only to be told that the reason for the delay was because of a shortage of fuel in the fire tender.

If not for the intervention of this young man, there would have been more severe damage at the house where the fire erupted.

Below is Mr Kwamina’s full narration of events:

So today 3rd January 2020 around 10: 9 am in the morning we had a fire  outbreak next to my house at Kwahu Nkawtia in the Eastern Region, as usual, we called the fire service at Kwahu Mpreaso around 10:16 am and we waited for almost 25 minutes but they didn’t show up meanwhile from Mpraeso to Kwahu Nkwatia (the fire scene) is 3mins drive.

After 25 minutes I personally took dropping to Mpeaso to call them but they told me their fire tender has broken down a month ago so they called enforcement from Nkawkaw all in the Eastern Region.

The thunder from Nkawkaw came after 16 minutes of waiting, now halfway to the fire scene at Nkwatia the fire tender (car) stopped to my surprise the driver told me they are out fuel .

Several calls to their various DFO’s failed, astonishingly one DFO at Nkawkaw told the firemen to leave the car there and return to the office because he has no money for fuel .

Meanwhile, we have already wasted 55 minutes leaving the 5 bedrooms to burn to ashes so as a good citizen I personally bought 100 cedis diesel (fuel) to enable them to continue to the fire scene to quench the fire.

Upon their arrival, the 5 bedrooms had already burned to ashes.

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SOURCE: gossips24