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Efia Odo Blast Popular Blogger, Zack Agon For Writing A Wrong Story About Her(Photo)

The social media celebrity, Cardi B’s buddy buddy as she claims, Efia Odo has given a Kumasi based musician and blogger, Zack Agon known as “The Hatman” a harsh reply.

She replied what the blogger posted on his blog Ghanalegendary.com on twitter on January 4th of this year concerning the issues between her short term bestie, Shatta Wale.

Not long ago Efia Odo and Shatta Wale who were supposed to be close friends decided to unfollow each other on social media. Efia Odo took to her twitter handle and tweeted:

All you give a fuck about is yourself. You’ll even destroy people who care about you because of greeeddddd and money! I put money in your mouth and you’re rather taking money out of mine, smfh.
— efiaodo (@efiaodo1) January 2, 2020

Later Zack posted an article on Ghanalegendary.com concerning the reason of the sudden breakup and added what Afia Schwarzenegger suggested that Shatta Wale helped Efia Odo to get the managerial job at South African Wines which didn’t go well with Efia Odo and she replied:

Y’all need to get y’all shit correct before y’all start to post shit! He helped me get what job? My nigga come again!! He ain’t ever help me get shit!
— efiaodo (@efiaodo1) January 4, 2020

Check tweet below

Source: 3GMusik Records