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Every ios shortcuts you should know about.

The iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple that combines a computer, iPod, digital camera and cellular phone into one device with a touchscreen interface.

iPhone is by far one of the nest smart phones in the world. Many people use iPhone nowadays. Due to it’s portability and uniqueness among the rest of the smart phones, many people around the world patronize iPhone.

The more you get to use iPhone, the more you will be acquainted with it’s time saving tricks.

Please kindly note that, most of the keyboard shortcuts we use on mac will work on iPad Pro, iPad, and iPhone. However, some applications have their own shortcut keys which must be applied when using those applications. Some of these shortcuts may not work or can only work on iPad pro.

Touch Based IOS shortcuts

Touch Shortcut Description
Navigation Shortcuts
Tap time/status bar Quickly scroll to the top of the page or list
Swipe from top of screen Access Today screen/Notification Center
Swipe from bottom of screen (not iPhone X) Access Control Center
3D Touch and swipe from left Access the app switcher
Typing Shortcuts
Double-tap Space Insert space with period
3D Touch and scroll keyboard Move cursor with precision
Tap and hold key Access alternate symbols or characters
Double-tap Shift Enable caps lock
Tap and hold emoji/language key Access keyboard settings, orientation, and languages
3D Touch “Send” button Access “Send with effect” menu (iMessage only)
Browsing Shortcuts
3D Touch link/image Open link or image to preview
Tap and hold link/image Access context menu
Tap and hold Refresh Quickly access Request Desktop Site option
Tap and hold Tabs button Access tab context menu to close or open tabs
Tap and hold Bookmarks button Quickly add item to Reading List or Bookmarks
Tap and hold Reader Mode button Enable Automatic Reader View for specific websites
Home Screen Shortcuts
Swipe down on home screen Search iPhone
Swipe right on home screen Access Today screen and widgets
Tap and hold app Move or delete apps
3D Touch app Jump to app function or share App Store link
3D Touch folder Rename folder
iPhone X Shortcuts
Swipe up from bottom of the screen Go to Home screen
Swipe up from bottom and flick right Access App Switcher
Pull down from top-right corner of screen Access Control Center
Pull down from top-left of screen Access Today/Notification Center
iPad Shortcuts
Four finger swipe right/left Switch apps right/left
Five finger pinch Access Home screen
Four finger swipe up Access app switcher
Pull keyboard apart to left and right Use split keyboard mode

Keyboard Shortcuts for IOS

Keyboard Shortcut Description
Global iOS Shortcuts
Alt + Tab Switch apps using the App Switcher
Cmd + H Go to the Home screen
Cmd + Space Search for something
Cmd (Hold) Display list of available shortcuts (iPad and iPad Pro only)
Text Shortcuts
Cmd + C Copy
Cmd + V Paste
Cmd + X Cut
Cmd + Z Undo
Cmd + Shift + Z Redo
Cmd + A Select all
Shift + Left/Right Select with cursor
Option + Left/Right Move cursor to previous/next word
Option + Shift + Left/Right Select previous/next word
General Shortcuts
Cmd + N Create new (e.g. Contact, Reminder)
Cmd + F Search within app
Cmd + I Show information
Cmd + B/I/U Bold/Italics/Underline formatting
Safari Shortcuts
Cmd + T Open new tab
Cmd + Shift + T Reopen previously closed tab
Cmd + W Close current tab
Cmd + Shift + \ Show tab overview
Cmd + L Open location/search bar
Cmd + R Reload current tab
Cmd + F Find on page
Ctrl + Tab Next tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Previous tab
Cmd + ] Forward
Cmd + [ Backward
Cmd + Shift + D Add to Reading List
Cmd + Shift + L Show sidebar
Mail Shortcuts
Cmd + N New message
Backspace Delete message
Ctrl + Cmd + A Archive message
Cmd + R Reply
Cmd + Shift + R Reply to all
Cmd + Shift + F Forward message
Cmd + Shift + J Mark as junk
Cmd + Shift + L Flag message
Cmd + Shift + U Mark as read/unread
Cmd + Shift + N Get new mail
Option + Cmd + F Search mailbox
Cmd + L Filter mail
Calendar Shortcuts
Cmd + N New event
Cmd + F Search events
Cmd + T Show today’s events
Cmd + R Refresh
Cmd + Left/Right Go to previous/next day, week, month, year
Tab Go to next event
Shift + Tab Go to previous event
Cmd + 1/2/3/4 Go to day/week/month/year view
Notes Shortcuts
Cmd + N New note
Enter Edit note
Cmd + Enter Finish editing
Cmd + F Find in note
Option + Cmd + F Search list of notes
Cmd + B/I/U Bold/Italics/Underline formatting
Cmd + Shift T/H/B/L Title/Heading/Body/Checklist formatting
Option + Cmd + T Create table
Cmd + ] Indent text right
Cmd + [ Indent text left
News Shortcuts
Cmd + R Refresh news
Cmd + F Search
Cmd + Up Go to top of page
Cmd + 1/2/3/4/5 For You/Spotlight/Following/Search/Saved tabs
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