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The Most Useful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts you should Know About.

These mac keyboard shortcuts that is about to be revealed will turn you into a professional in productivity on any mac system. It will also help you to get works done very fast.

Many find it difficult to get acquainted with mac OS and this has been a burden for them. The table below will help you to get more familiar with mac OS and  the shortcuts to get the works done.

Keyboard Shortcut Description
Startup Shortcuts
D Boot to Apple Diagnostics
N Boot from a network server
T Boot in Target Disk Mode
Shift Boot in Safe Mode
Cmd + R Boot to macOS Recovery
Cmd + S Boot in Single-User Mode
Cmd + V Boot in Verbose Mode
Cmd + Option + P + R Reset NVRAM or PRAM
Option Boot to Startup Manager and pick other startup disks if available
Global Shortcuts
Shift + Cmd + 3 Take screenshot of entire screen
Shift + Cmd + 4 Take screenshot of selected region
Shift + Cmd + 4, then Space Take screenshot of selected window
Shift + Cmd + Q Log out
Shift + Cmd + Option + Q Log out instantly
Cmd + A Select all
Cmd + C Copy
Cmd + F Find
Cmd + H Hide current window
Cmd + M Minimize current window
Cmd + O Open
Cmd + P Print
Cmd + S Save
Cmd + V Paste (copy)
Cmd + W Close current window
Cmd + Z Undo
Cmd + ? Help
Cmd + Comma Open Preferences for current app
Cmd + Space Open Spotlight search
Cmd + Tab Switch to the next open app
Cmd + Tilde Switch to the next window in the current app
Cmd + Option + H Hide all other windows
Cmd + Option + M Minimize all windows
Cmd + Option + W Close all windows
Cmd + Option + V Paste (cut)
Cmd + Option + Esc Force quit
Cmd + Option + Eject Sleep
Cmd + Control + Eject Quit all apps and restart
Control + Eject Choose between Sleep, Restart, or Shutdown
Finder Shortcuts
Enter Rename selected file or folder
Space Open preview of selected file
Shift + Cmd + G Go to folder…
Shift + Cmd + N Create new folder
Shift + Cmd + Delete Empty the trash
Shift + Cmd + Option + Delete Empty the trash immediately
Cmd + 1 Icon View
Cmd + 2 List View
Cmd + 3 Column View
Cmd + D Duplicate selected file or folder
Cmd + I Get info
Cmd + J View options
Cmd + N Open new Finder window
Cmd + T Open new Finder tab
Cmd + [ Back
Cmd + ] Forward
Cmd + Delete Move to trash
Cmd + Up Move up one folder
Cmd + Down Move down one folder
Cmd + Option + I Show Attributes Inspector
Cmd + Control + N With files selected, create a new folder and immediately move selected files into that folder