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We don’t care if Jesus was born in September or December – Pentecost Chairman

Chairman of the Church of Pentecost (COP), Apostle Eric Nyamekye has advised Christians to desist from arguments that seek to debate the actual birthday of Jesus Christ as it goes to fuel the hatred for the celebration of Christmas.

He says some people hate Christmas and would scrap it if they had the opportunity.

“Some people don’t feel at ease with Christmas at all; it makes them feel bad because they think that maybe they might have crucified the Messiah; others too feel that Christmas is a burden, it has been commercialized”, he told the Sakumono Congregation of the Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC) at its 2019 Christmas Convention on Sunday, monitored by TheNewsGh.com.

The televangelist noted that, “even some Christians think Christmas is not necessary because, after all Jesus was not born in December; but do we care whether he was born in September or December, so when you are a Christian don’t join that argument”.

In recent times, there have been ostentatious debates about whether the story of Jesus Christ, Christianity and the teachings of the bible are sacrosanct, drawing adherents and critics into televised banters on social media.

Social Media influencer, Avraham Ben Moshe and his Common Sense Family (CSF) have been the hardest critics of the Christian faith in Ghana in recent times.

But the Apostle Eric Nyamekye describes the offensive against Jesus Christ as a “battle over the nations and some Christians are not aware and even the celebration of Christ is part of the fight”.

“So we have to be very careful the way we make arguments into Christmas; he (Jesus Christ) never made any categorical statement that we should celebrate his birth, but somehow, he is the most celebrated person on earth and we have to take advantage of that; that Christmas is universally celebrated even more than the Easter”, he advised the church.

On 25th December each, Ghanaians join the rest of the Christian world to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the originator of the Christian faith, though it has not been established that that was the exact date on which he was born.

During the Christmas season, church conventions, musical concerts, family reunions, parties, picnic and football tournaments become the order of the day in the weeklong celebration, though only two days are declared as public holidays.

“Some people like the musicians, even of the world, they are making money; people are chasing them, they are also jumping and singing and those of us who have Christ and understand him, we want to be at home around this time; there’s a battle over the nations; if you are a President and you want to bring back Christmas into the public space and you are not careful, you will be impeached; you may think that all things are happening for naught; they are happening because there’s a battle over the nations and it is against our Christ and it is time to be aware”, Apostle Nyamekye preached.