Married Woman Pulls Off Wig Of Her Husband’s Sidechick As She Warns Her To Leave Her Husband Alone

    A married woman cannot take it anymore with the side-chick who’s after her husband. She hence took the bold step to disgrace her publicly.

    The married woman who appears to be in her middle ages was seen hurling abusive words at the side-chick who looks younger with a well-bleached skin.

    The event is said to have happened at the popular Ikeja City Mall in Lagos, Nigeria mainland.

    The woman could be seen pressing up high to the lady, hurling insults at her and calling her a husband snatcher.

    According to reports, the woman has been warning the young lady to stay off her man till she ran out of luck as she bumped into her in the shopping mall. Matters got out of hands and really heated which led to the woman pulling off the wig of the young lady.

    Watch the video below: