Fetish priest impregnates wife of popular pastor who visited him for help

    The Onitsha town in Nigeria has been in a state of shock following information that the wife of a popular pastor got pregnant not by her husband but a fetish priest.

    According to information in the town, the pastor and wife have been struggling for a child to call their own.

    At the blind side of the husband, the wife sneaked to a fetish priest in Osha known as Ebeano-Dike for spiritual help.

    Apparently during the wife’s visit to the fetish priest for spiritual help to solve her childlessness, they had sexual encounter which resulted in pregnancy.

    Someway somehow, this information has been leaked to the public, causing the people to react angrily against the wife.

    The young man of God has been advised by the natives of the community to divorce the “witch” wife.