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Meek Mill drops his first-ever Hollywood movie

Meek Mill has taken his talents to Hollywood.

The Philly native stars in the latest trailer to the Baltimore-based blockbuster Charm City Kings, which released Wednesday (Jan. 15).

The flick is executive produced by Jada Pinkett and Will Smith and co-written by Barry Jenkins, who also directed Moonlight.

With Angel Manuel Soto’s film centered around Maryland’s bike culture, the parallels to Meek Mill’s story made him the perfect choice to co-star, as Meek is someone whose been entrenched in the “bike life” for some time.

He plays the character of a boy named Blax, the leader of The Midnight Clique.

The flick is based on the 2013 documentary, 12 O’Clock Boys, and first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 27.

Charm City Kings opens in select cities such as LA and NYC on April 10 and will then hit the rest of the country on April 17.

with the teaser out, one cannot just have enough of Meek.

Watch Video Below: