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Meet Martin Hughes, the Ghanaian boy who grew up to be a hot girl

OheMartins, the first Ghanaian transgender and an old student of Mfantsipim SHS has finally come out to speak about his life and ordeals.

According to OheMartins, all this feminine feelings started at age 7 and that whenever he was in the midst of girls, he felt more comfortable than with boys and since there was nothing like internet at that time to blast him, he felt more comfortable concerning concerning society actions.

He started developing real breast when he got to JHS and even though, inside him he was happy, he intentionally act like he doesn’t like it in the midst of people to save his face. He also got huge butt which according to him is natural and that he acquired it from his mother because she also has huge butt.

Since he successfully changed his sexual organs from that of male to female, he hasn’t had any sexual intercourse yet so doesn’t know how it feels like and is yet to have a taste.

This is so wonderful and unbelievable as everything about OheMartins is total feminine(b00bs,a$$ and hips) which according to him, he got them naturally.

OheMartins believes people must not judge him on what he has done because no one is perfect and that, the moment you judge him, you have landed in hell for the bible does not allow one to judge his/her neighbour.

“You claim that gender and sexuality is too much, will God really forgive you??  Please! please!, You judging me in the first place will land in hell’. He claimed.

Ending his interview, he emphasized on how much he loves God and that he attend church all the time, prays alot, and knows God loves him too.

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