The lady I fell in love with has bad odour at her private part – Man complains

    A man has taken to the inbox of relationship coach, Abena Magis Manokekame, to complain about how the lady he fell in love with at first sight is having a bad odour at her private parts.

    Thus, making him lose interest in continuing their relationship.

    Read his full message below:


    Madam Abena

    I met this black beauty lady one hot afternoon looking very classic and charming. Her beauty is out of this world. My heart started beating fast because for the first time in my life I experienced love at first sight so I gathered vim approached her and conquered 😂 😂.

    Fast forward we started chatting small small and started feeling each other. One day she came to me and we ended up making love. Maame Abena as soon as this beautiful lady undressed p3 the whole aroma in my room started changing but I didn’t really give it my attention. As foreplay was going on and she became more wet the more the aroma became worse but by then it was too late for me to quit so i went ahead and we made love but I didn’t really enjoy the whole thing because of the bad aroma.

    She has been calling me since that day but I never picked up her calls nor reply her messages because i can’t imagine myself dating a lady who is so beautiful outside but very dirty down there.

    Please ask the ladies why they are only interested in make up and other artificial beauty enhancers to look very attractive outside but forget to take care of the most vital part which is the royal house? Tell them that these are some of the reasons why some guys hit and run, we can’t kill ourselves with infections. Guys do you think I acted wrongly and should I pick her calls?”