Dog Bites Model During Photoshoot And Left Her All Injured(Photos)

    Laru Sanson, a model based in Argentina has shared via her Twitter of how her intended photoshoot with her pet dog went wrong

    She narrated her ordeal as to how she planned to take some photos with her dog to wow her followers on social media. Initially, the photoshoot started on a good note until poor Laru was given a big bite on the face.

    “I was at my friend’s house, there were a lot of people, and I had a very beautiful dog. I like dogs. I wanted to take a picture and I got sick. I already knew him, but I don’t go to the house very much,” she said in an interview.

    Additionally, she said she may have been the cause of the dog’s action since she knew the dog was harmless and had never bitten anyone. She went on to say that although most people told her to disown or sacrifice the dog, she still thought she deserves not such a treatment.

    “I hugged him, put his face very close to the dog, he was bullied; he is a dog that has never bitten anyone, he is 10 years old, is a little old. It was his reaction, he felt invaded “.I don’t hold a grudge, I’m not bothered.” she said