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19 Year Old Girl Auctions Her Virginity Online

A 19-year-old Ukranian girl has made headlines recently after she auctioned her virginity in an online platform.

The girl, Katya, is a member of the Cinderella Escort company which matches girls with rich people looking for sex. Her virginity was placed on the site and for sale for £84,120.

An auction, however, ensued and the price skyrocketed all the way up to £1 million. This saw a German businessman beating a lawyer from New York, USA and a singer from Tokyo in the auction to be the first man to have intimate relations with her.


The winner also went on to state that he was open to marrying Katya and supporting her financially with a monthly budget of £8,500 in the future.

When she was asked why she sold her virginity, she said that one would not regret accepting the money as compared to losing her virginity to a future boyfriend who might leave her at one point.

The choice between losing my virginity to someone I love,  and to have lost forever my chance to win the million is hard.

However, I think the probability is higher that you will regret not accepting the money, because a future boyfriend will most likely leave you at some point


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