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Princess Shyngle shares first DM she got from the man she’s set to get married to

As actress Princess Shyngle prepares to tie the knot with the love of her life, she has shared the first direct message (DM) she received from him.

According to her, the DM sets the tone for the relationship which has culminated in a stronger bond. She shared this post a month ago for her followers to suggest to her whether a reply was fit for the DM.

The lucky man who is identified as Frederick Badji will be having the curvaceous-thin-waist supermodel to herself in a few months through a marriage.

See the DM, with the caption:

“Only my real followers will remember this 8 months ago I posted this dm on my page from a total stranger and it caught my attention because it was the sweetest dm I ever received even though the person that sent it didn’t have a profile pic or a single picture on his page, I decided to screenshot the dm post it on my IG and asked my amazing followers to advise me if I should reply the dm or ignore it do y’all remember 80% of y’all said I should reply the dm well I replied and 5 months after that dm he proposed and I’m about to be a wifey to the man I dreamt about all my life @fredericbadji1”


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