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Bride breaks record as she puts cake between her breasts to feed groom at their wedding (video)

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In modern days, there has been a developing trend videos from lavish weddings splashed on various social media platforms.

One bride has taken taken the rapture and embracement about solemnization of the holy matrimony to a different with unusual antics at her own reception.

This plus-size decided to feed her husband (groom) by putting the foot in her glowing melons for him to pick with his mouth.

In a video from their wedding shared popular Instagram blogger, the bride and her groom were seen standing by their beautifully designed wedding.

Done with cutting the cake, it was time for them to taste it. And the plus-size groom decided to be a little sassy.

While the groom picked a piece of the cake and was ready to put in his wife’s mouth, the bride picked hers and dropped in-between her big-looking breasts.

Left with no choice, the groom dropped the piece of cake in his hand, untied his bow tie before loosening the top button of his shirt.

He then got to work to lick the piece of cake off the bride’s chest as she had earlier beckoned him to do.