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Mother suffered to see daughter become a doctor, boyfriend murdered daughter because of insecurity

She explained her story that she never got intimate with her husband until marriage because she was religious. Therefore, she was anticipating the day she will tie the knot and have the liberty to have sex with her husband.

She added that she was successful at convincing her husband who was her boyfriend then to accept to keep casual sex out until their honeymoon. She revealed that there were times she felt tempted to have an affair with her boyfriend but she restrained herself through it all.

She continued that on the eve of her wedding, she spoke to her husband on the styles they will employ in their first sex game since she has been burning with strong desire. According to her, her wedding went pretty well with friends and families in huge attendance…’ it was the best day of my life,’ she said.

However, according to her, the long wait did not worth the while when she and her husband went on a honeymoon right after their wedding ceremony to a plush hotel in Akosombo. Whiles, they were en route to their honeymoon destination, her husband was fondling and kissing her passionately and telling how great their experience will be.

No sooner had they got into their hotel suite than her husband starts to complain of fatigue. She narrated emotionally that her husband just slept off immediately and didn’t respond to her incessant demand for attention. The narrative did not change the days after and anytime she complained her husband will tell to stop overreacting.

This heartbroken lady concluded that of all the days they spent at the hotel, his husband spent a good amount of it behind his laptop. His only response to the lady was “Can’t you see I am busy?” anytime the lady complained.

This lady was completely in tears while narrating this emotional distressing experience. She added that she has since not recovered from the emotional trauma she went through and up to now, three weeks into their marriage, her husband had made love to her only twice and it only lasted less than five minutes.

She says she wants to quit but she can’t trust her sense of discretion. Help her with your advice.