Her ‘Vajay’ Is So Sweet-A Young Man Share Story Of How He Has Been Sleeping With His Pastor’s Wife

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    A young Nigerian man who feels perplexed at how busy most Pastors become that they ignore or don’t give much attention to their wife for naughty reasons and their family at large, took to social media to narrate how his friend is being spent heavily on by his pastor’swife in exchange for a nice vajay, Nigerian Dubai Based Blogger Mayorspeaks

    The friend who is a member of a popular church in the highbrows of Ikeja, Lagos confided in the narrator of this story that he feels guilty doing what he does with the so-called pastor’s and intends to stop and change church…

    Read His story below:

    I guess nobody wants to talk about Pastors wives being the most intercourse starved women because of their husbands busy schedules. It’s okay if we also want to ignore the fact that most of them have rooms in different hotels where they sleep with young church musical instrumentalists.

    A friend who’s a pianist in a popular church in Ikeja just moved in to a 2 bedroom flat. All paid by his Pastor’s wife. Pastor is always going on spiritual trips and assignments. The poor woman whose s**x life had been fallow for a long time had to explore. She picked my friend.

    It started off as mere flings. She would invite him over to the house after church for lunch. Of course papa didn’t suspect a thing. It’s just mama G.O being caring to her children. This continued for about 5 month until she asked for his whatsapp number. He gave her na.

    She became a little informal with the guy. Asking him to call her by her name instead of ‘Mummy’. She started monitoring him and made sure no girl in the choir got too close to him. I don’t even want to talk about how she started sending him pictures of her next Sunday dresses.

    Whatsapp conversation moved from normal mummy G.O talks to asking him what he liked about her. Asking him if she should wear make up. Asking him if her dresses were too short. The last straw that broke the camel’s back was when she wanted him to meet her up in a hotel. He went.

    After a drink, She collected keys from the receptionist and went to the room with my friend. Obviously this isn’t her first time in the hotel. She seemed to be a regular. The preferential treatment gave her off. This means my friend wasn’t the first she’s having a fling with

    She locked the door behind her and immediately undressed. Told him to have intimacy with her. The young man said she should pay him before he would do anything. She transferred 63k to him. Her husband is a big pastor in Ikeja. So there’s money. They had a good time and left