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‘I’m not afraid of police’ – A Ghanaian Man Living In Germany Beats His Ex-Wife In Public | Video

Ghanaian man beats and strips his ex-wife in public for insulting his mother.

A fast-moving video on social media captures a man who fought his ex-wife and his family on the streets of Germany.

According to a comment that was heard from the background from one of the man’s ex lover stated that the wife used her papers to enable the man to get to Germany for them to live like couple.

The primary cause of their fight wasn’t heard in the video and also Thedistin.com are digging to reveal what brought about their arguments.

In the video, they exchanged words in the media, but the man was very upset when his ex-wife called his mother out for whitening, even though the man was the first to make such claims.

The man whose identity is yet to be revealed, got angry and slapped his wife, almost stripped in public.

Watch video below: