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Man crushed to death at friend’s house after getting drunk to celebrate new job

A 28 young man known as Tungamirai Madzingira from Zimbabwe has been crushed to death at his friend’s house.

Going by reports in the Zimbabwe media, the deceased had just landed a job as an auditor and decided to go and celebrate with a friend.

Tungamirai Madzingira got so intoxicated to the extent that he passed out at the gate of the friend’s house.

Unfortunately the landlord who had returned home around 2am ran over the deceased with his car as he didn’t notice someone was lying at the gate.

Below is how Provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Webster Dzvova narrated the incident to the media;

The Zimbabwe Republic Police would like to confirm the death of an Eastlea man who was hit by a vehicle to death at around 0200hrs on Saturday,”

“Circumstances were that the deceased was found lying down by the gate at his friend’s house when the accused person opened the gate using a remote control”.

The accused person realised that he had run over the deceased upon crushing him with his two front wheels before he stopped”.

“He called his gardener to help in removing the deceased’s body under the vehicle and failed and later called his friend from Borrowdale who advised him to lodge a police report”.

“Tapiwa was reported to have accompanied his girlfriend to Bluffhill after failing to locate the deceased”.

The now deceased could have come to check for his friend and fell asleep by the gate after receiving no response since he was reported to be drunk,”