Home Crime Shocking News:: Peacemaker dies in a bar fight

Shocking News:: Peacemaker dies in a bar fight

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Ifeanyi, a man believed to be in his 40’s met his untimely death at a drinking bar. He was killed by the owner of the bar who was fighting a customer which Ifeanyi intervened.

It is alleged that a young man with name unknown came by the bar to smoke an item called ” jedi “, a substance that is believed to be smoked like weed and was refused since the bar was meant for drinking only. This got the young man angry and the two engaged in a heated argument which turned into a fight.

Ifeanyi, being a man of peace stepped in to seperate the men and cooled down tempers. After the young man had left, The bar man who was not happy with Ifeanyi’s intervention walked to up to him to question him on allowing the young man to insult him. He then stabbed him in the chest, neck and stomach. He died on the spot.

The bar man has been arrested and placed in police custody.