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Inauguration Of The 8th Kwabre East Municipal Assembly At Mampongteng

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The inauguration of the 8th Kwabre East Municipal Assembly which was held on 23rd January, 2020 at the forecourt of Mampongteng Administration block ended on a good note.

The program which was attended by many dignitaries started with a speech from the MCE of Kwabre East, Hon. Nana Osei Assibey Yeboah who gave out a remarkable welcome speech.

According to the MCE in his speech, the ceremony was occasioned by the successful organisation of the District Assembly and unit committee election which was held on 17th December, 2019 to elect new Assembly and Unit committee members.

The executives also used the ceremony to swear in 44 elected and appointed members of the Assembly.

The swearing in and inauguration of the 8th Assembly comprises of the 44 newly elected and appointed members which we are about to witness today marks another milestone towards the deepening of democracy and decentralization policy introduced to our governance structure since 1988, which allows local people to take part in decision making process from unit committe through the zonal councils to the district assemblies. The concept is also known as grass root participation in local governance, popularly known as “power to power”. Indeed, in the present democratic dispensation, power to rule and take decision actually emanates from the people.” Said the MCE in his speech.

He ended his speech by thanking and congratulating Assembly members in bringing enormous number of development projects to the Municipality and also congratulated the newly elected Assembly members and encouraged them to do better than their previous successors did.

Hon. George Oppong, who is the Assembly member for Meduma electoral area at the end of the presiding member election was emerged as the winner with 40 votes after a runoff was casted with his co runner Ampadu Kyere Baffour getting 17 votes with 4 votes rejected..

One of the dignitaries present to grace the occasion was the deputy minister for Trade and Industry, Hon. Robert Ahomka Lindsey who came on behalf of the president of the Republic, H. E Nana Akuffo Addo.

He addressed the media and mass on behalf of the president by firstly thanking the executives at present for honouring him the invitation to attend the inauguration and also made it known of how important the occasion was since it marks another important milestone towards the decentralization and local governance objectives.

Hon. Robert also stated the formation of District Assemblies as provided for, under section 12(1) and 13 of the local governance act, 2016(Act 936) which includes the formation and execution of plans, programs and strategies for the effective mobilization of resources for the overall development of the district and thus, made it important for the inauguration and electing of assembly members.

Ending his speech on a good note, he stated how important the assembly is to the development of the country and therefore, encouraged the selected executives and other dignitaries of the assembly to be hardworking and help the government in succeeding and to also encourage the youth since one of the major function of the assembly is to explore avenues for the creation of employment for people, particularly the youth.

Some photos of the occasion below