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Kwadaso MP Admonished Constituency Executives Not The President

There is a fake news media reportage with the heading *kwadaso MP accuses president Akufo Addo of deliberate neglect of delegates of Kwadaso constituency*.

This is clearly a calculated attempt to malign and denigrate the hard earned reputation of the member of parliament by spreading falsehood with the intent of creating disharmony and confusion amongst the rank and file of the party. It is clearly an attempt by losers and cowards who have no genuine motive but only malicious and vengeful stunt.

No where in the 10 minutes delivery of the honorable member at the constituency delegate conference did he speak ill or try to undermine the efforts of the number one gentleman of the land. He rather touted the great achievement of the president and charged the polling station officers to work harder to secure the second term for the president.

He however, admonished the constituency executive for failing to live up to expectation. He urged them to be accountable to the people who elected them and also ensure an equitable distribution of resources to ensure the polling station Officer is not denied of any entitlements.

This admonishment, which received an overwhelming endorsement from the polling station officers gathered, may not have gone down well with some of the constituency executives and their preferred candidates for the NPP parliamentary primaries, hence the twist and turn of event to portray a totally different agenda to suit their own wimps and caprices.

The communication officer of the constituency, Mr Samuel Ofori Aboagye when contacted to ascertain the validity of the story totally debunked it and said it is a mere orchestration and a cheap propaganda by faceless persons to undermine the MP and possibly so due to the upcoming primaries.

Upon reaching out to the the member of parliament, it was obvious that he is not perturbed by this old political gymnastic as he remains resolute to ensure the constituency not only achieves victory but also increases their remarkable and unprecedented votes from 90% to 95% for the president.

Information reaching us suggest that the MP has also signaled the said media outlet used to propagate this cruel agenda to retract and apologize or meet him in court for malicious falsehood.