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NDC 2019 Parliamentary Aspirant Installed As King

The African Ghanaian Jewish Rabbi, who was also an aspirant for NDC in the 2019 parliamentary primaries, Dr. Rabbi Segbhuiene Xenodzi, has been crowned and installed King(Chief) of the Worgbato Kingdom of Klikor in the Volta Region.

Hence forth Dr. Rabbi Segbene Xenodzi, is now King Xenodzi Dogbey II for the rest of his life.

The EWE people of Klikor, who are called by the name of their God YEWE,  are descendants of ancient Hebrews and members of the ancient haplogroup of West Africa with E1B1a genetic formations,  who still hold YEWE(Yahweh/Jehovah/Sovi/Metatron/Jesus), as the Supreme Son of God of all humanity until today, even long before the coming of the Europeans to West Africa.

The People of Klikor are a hardworking and peace loving people. Though they had migrated all the way from Israel over Two thousand(2000) years ago through Egypt until they finally migrated to their present final place in the Volta Region  about three hundred and fifty(350) years ago, having settled previously in Israel, Egypt, Sudan, Niger Congo basin, Nigeria, Dahomey and Togo , being descendants of ancient Hebrews.

As the saying goes, Yewe(God) said;
“My people ,EWE who are called by my name, YEWE”.

The Name Jehovah, is a Transliteration from the word Yahweh, which comes from the Four Letter name of God YHWH, which is  pronounced well in EWE as YEWE – The God of the Hebrews.

For they know the secret about their God better than any other people, who learn about him.

The Ancient text which reads from right to left reveals the truth of the Name of the God of the Hebrews and His people.

Yewe, the God of the Hebrews has been talking to King Xenodzi Dogbey II directly through his Archangel Gabriel who in Ewe is Gbemedzi , one of the eyes of God, the Creator.

King Xenodzi Dogbey II is the direct descendant of  King Josiah’s Son, King Jehoahaz who was King sitting on the Throne of David,  before Phoroah Nechoh II carried him to Egypt where he died but his then pregnant wife, Abia, gave birth to Yuya Ater Tehuti, a great Jewish Mystical Cabalist,  from whom came King Xenodzi Dogbey II, being the 97th descendant from Adam according to the Hebrew Generations.

Infact, for the past twelve years, we have heard and experienced futuristic decrees from King Torgbui Xenodzi Dogbey II, which all manifested without failure from the Yewe, the God of the Hebrews.

The people of Klikor, Volta Region, Ghana and West Africa as a whole, has produced a World Iconic Seer King, whose equal is not found  for Centuries for accuracy of clear Prophesies without Failure.

Details emerge that, King Xenodzi Dogbey II, being,the 97th Descendant of Adam, with an intact Genealogy, has a miraculous and mysterious birth signs with a duck ascending into the clouds at his naming ceremony on the 28th of december 1983, seven(7) days after his birth.

He is said to be a King sent from their God Yewe, to his people , before he was born, hence the miraculous signs surrounding his birth.

Interviews with family reveals many more mysteries surrounding the unique birth of their King, Torgbui Xenodzi Dogbey II whose name was received by his Father in a vision at  conception.

Growing up, King Xenodzi Dogbey II, seems to know a lot of events before they occur in Ghana and other parts of the world.

He is believed to have made a first surprise prophetic utterence at the age of Five (5) years, on West Africa, of his forthieth(40th) year, to come 2023.

Since July 2007, he has made major Futuristic utterances, that materialized to the dismay of many, nationally and internationally.

He was the first to declare Former US President Barack Obama, then Senator of Illinois to become president of the United Stated serving terms, sighting that an attempted assassination would thwarted at North Carolina, and it was exactly so.

He was also the first to prophecy in 2007 of Ghana’s Late President Mills becoming the president of Ghana after a Third fold election and he consecrated the Throne of Ghana in the Parliament house of Ghana, on the 6th of January, 2009.

In 2015, had declared that His Excellency Nana Akufo Addo would be president of Ghana the next year and it was so.

It was another splendid prophetic utterrance , when he declared that a future Presidential of Brazil, Yair Bolsonaro would be wounded severely to death, but shall be victorious and lead the People of Brazil. A year after, Lo and behold, it was exactly so.
Before the Brazilian elections, during a campaign, Yair  Bolsonaro was severely wounded to death and hospitalized, but at last he won the elections and is currently the President of the People of Brazil in South America.

Before this, he had said, a president shall rise in France, and he is born the same month and date he was born, being 21st of December.

At last we saw that President Emmanuel Macron who was born on the 21st of December, won the elections of France and became President as was Prophesied by King Xenodzi Dogbey II.

Again in 2018, King Xenodzi Dogbey II, had declared that, there would be elections in the State of Israel, in the Middle East, the following year but there shall be no clear winner and new elections would be scheduled five (5) months later, the LORD , Yewe has told him so and raising his five (5) fingers into the sky , he prophesied same. Moreso, it came to pass last year that in April, 2019,  elections were held in the State of Israel, but Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, could not secure an outright majority to form a coalition, it was even and new elections were done five(5) months time in September, 2019, exactly as King Xenodzi Dogbey II had Decreed.

It must be noted that in  July 2007, the God of the Hebrews, Yewe,  was said to have revealed himself to King Xenodzi Dogbey II in a Vision, and told him; *“that which he shall bless, he God shall bless same, and whatever he shall curse, he God shall curse same, and he that shall bless him , shall He God bless “*, In fact it has been so since then, until today.

He was a 2019 Parliamentary Aspirant hopeful of the  Ashaiman Constituency,  before he was crowned King, being heir to their ancient Throne.

Now we want to know, will Africans hail their God sent King or will they ignore him, to their own detriment, since it is said that Africans are sometimes  their own enemies?

We wait to see and reckon accordingly for  future generations of tomorrow.

King Xenodzi Dogbey II has classified the year 2020 as the a significant year that ends the mystery of the Years of the  Gentiles, which has lasted exactly 2625 years, from the year 605 BCE to 2020 CE, according to the heavenly tablets of heaven (Read Daniel chapter 12 for some details to understand).

He says the time has come for the Hebrews to awaken themselves and fulfill their God given destinies around the world as is written of them, transforming the world, reducing poverty, ensuring the peace and safety of all people around the world , eliminating Wars and hate among all people.

There is more to know…

For now , many are asking, since everything this King Xenodzi Dogbey II Says comes to pass;


You’ll find out Later…
Stay tune!