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Video: Cargo truck falls at Moree tollbooth [watch]

A DAF CF Cargo transporting dairy products and canned drinks to Cote D’Ivoire has fallen close to the Moree tollbooth in Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese district in the Central Region.

Reports indicate the cargo with registration number GS 2384-11 was the second vehicle to fall at the tollbooth on Sunday after a first vehicle was rescued around 5pm.

The vehicle is said to have blocked the road, causing heavy traffic on the stretch.

Speaking in an interview with Adom News, the Rescue Officer of the Ghana National Fire Service, DO 1 Eddie Williams attributed the accident to the sloping nature of road near the tollbooth and overloading of the vehicle.

He appealed to the National Road Safety and the Ghana Highways Authorities to correct the sloppy nature of the Moree Junction to the tollbooth stretch to curb the rampant falling of cargo cars along that stretch.

Meanwhile, some eye witnesses who also spoke to Adom News lamented how the continuous falling of truck at the spot nearly killed pedestrians some time ago.

They also called on authorities to check overloading of trucks who travel on that stretch.

Watch the video below: