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Criss Waddle finally responds to rumors he made his money through the sales of Tema Port in a fraud deal

Finally CEO of Arab Money Gang (AMG) Business, Criss Kwaku Waddle has reacted to claims he made his biggest money by selling the Tema port in a fraudulent deal involving Omar Sterling of R2bees.

A true follower of Omar Sterling and Criss Waddle might have heard of such a rumor.

Although the truth behind it can’t be ascertained, many youths believed Criss Waddle made such a fraudulent deal especially after being widely linked to internet fraud.

On Twitter, Criss Waddle took the time to address the rumor.

The Ghana’s richest man noted that he heard it in the past and almost wept over it. He added that he always believed with time, Ghanaians will get to know about the truth.

Waddle commented on the saga while having a chit-chat with his fans.

One fan tweeted; “@CrissWaddle isn’t the kinda person who really tweets alot. But anytime this god tweets no matter wah he says really goh me. God bless your hustle fam. Buh agoh a question for you Sir, did you really sold Tema harbour as we head when we were young and naive?😸😬”

Then Criss Waddle replied; “People fool forget them….as I hear this matter I laugh saaaaa I almost Cry.”

Another fan wroted; “Serious ooo dis ur story we all believed wen we were growing up ooo 😂😂😂.”

And Criss replied with; “Misconception is what’s leading the world astray oooo,I mean people have their own imaginary perception which i left them to live with it,wasn’t ready to convince the world that it ain’t what it’s been portrayed as…I always knew time will tell 🤐.”

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